Body Jewellery

Here you see a slide Sortiment about our Wholesale Body Jewellery.
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We provide first class customer service with next day SA delivery on most of our products! We have been trading since the year 2013 and our experienced team is always ready answer any body jewellery and piercing questions.

Types of Body Jewellery

Ball Closure Rings, Bananabells, Barbells, Body Spirals, Circular Barbells, Clip In Accessories, Flesh Tunnels, Internally Threaded, Labret Studs, Nose Studs, Piercing Retainers, Segment Rings, Threaded Accessories, Tongue Studs …

Places on Body

Belly Button, Ear Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Lip Piercing, Labret Piercing, Madonna Piercing, Navel Piercing, Nipple Piercing, Nose Piercing, Septum Piercing, Surface Piercing, Tongue Piercing …

Body Jewellery Material

Medical Grade Plastic, Blackline, Crystal Evolution, Glass, Gold Jewellery, Silicone, Silver Jewellery, Surgical Steel, Titanium, PTFE, Ultra Violet, Zircon Gold …